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AEON Lubricants

It is a known fact that a compressor's lubricant is its life-blood, its basic source of strength and vitality. So why jeopardize the efficiencies and longevity of your compressor with just any "oil"?

Gardner Denver, a name synonymous with quality, performance and dependability, offers the very best in compressor lubrication technology - AEON Lubricants. AEON Lubricants are specially formulated to combat the harsh elements of compression while maximizing efficiencies and equipment longevity.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • operating in extreme temperatures or severe air intake environments
  • unusually high oil carry-over
  • high compressor maintenance/preventive maintenance costs
  • degradation of air system seals/seal material
  • Some or all of these real life situations can result in:
    1. Breakdown of lubricant and its ability to protect the compressors critical components i.e. bearings
    2. Oxidation/varnishing
    3. Increased energy consumption
    4. Compressor failure
    5. Increased make-up, condensate and used oil disposal and maintenance costs
    6. Swelling or cracking of air system seals/seal material

    Let CSL assist you in identifying the proper AEON lubricant that fits your special needs. Ask about our FREE AEON oil analysis program!