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Synthetic Lubricant & Coolant for Rotary Screw Air Compressor

  • AEON CL is a PAO (polyalphaolefin)/Diester synthetic blend tested and proven to provide optimum operating and service-life results
  • AEON CL combines the elements of synthetic and restructured hydrocarbon oil.
  • A unique additive package designed to provide oxidative stability and viscosity stability

AEON® CL Advantages

  • Extended service life to 8,000 hours*, reduces downtime and disposal costs
  • Completely demulsible separates quickly, reduces condensate disposal costs
  • Compatible with all common air system seals
  • High flash point improves your safety margin
  • Non-hazardous, disposable with mineral-based compressor lubricants
  • Rust and corrosion inhibited
  • Reduce equipment maintenance

Let CSL assist you in identifying the proper AEON lubricant that fits your special needs. Ask about our FREE AEON oil analysis program!